Wizard Quests — Glory or Gory?

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Thanks to the sharp detective work of Stylus Writer, the Wizarding Gazette brings you the latest heady stories of those adventurous wizards and witches who seek fame and glory in their search for new powers, potions and spells, who seize immortality through resisting the powers of darkness and slaying dragons, or strive to prove themselves in that worthy arena of wizard duels and contests.

In short, we bring you more juicy news that you can poke a wand at.

The Wizard Council does not want these things widely known but it appears that the venerable master of magic spells, Mordecai Wanderious, has come out of retirement to fulfill the vow pledged to his wife on her deathbed. For those readers who have tended to sweep aside the celebrity gossip columns as only fit for fire lighting, you should know that Wanderious’ quest has serious implications for the peace and safety of all wizarding communities south of the Mountains of Torm and Niotcurtsed.

We have all quivered in fear and delight as our mothers passed on the mythical tales of those dread places, Torm and Niotcurtsed, and many still dismiss those stories as mere fairytales. However, worrying reports have reached us from our friends at the feet of the mountains.

In fact, farmers in the area report strange noises and poisonous fumes, and large numbers of livestock have simply vanished. It is also rumored that investigations are under way into the disappearance of several farmers who went looking for their lost animals. We would be foolish to dismiss these stories all as mere tales and gossip. The Wizarding Council has responded to our queries with a ‘neither confirm nor deny’ policy, which we believe to be shortsighted.

However, dear readers, we feel it our duty to ferret out the truth and to share it with you. Over the coming issues we will pursue this story to its fascinating end. We will explore the history behind Mordecai’s mysterious pledge and examine the veracity of those old myths and research the latest frightening reports from beyond the mountains. We will outline the political implications of any wizard from the south interfering in the dark, old ways of the north and what it all means for you dear reader.

So, to refresh our readers’ memories; Mordecai Wanderious resigned at the relatively young age of 340 years under a dark cloud of suspicion from his position as Chief Magical Advisor to the Agency of Law Enforcement. The death of his wife just a short time beforehand may have been a factor but the refusal of any party to provide convincing answers only fueled speculation about a darker secret. Eventually, the rumors and the gossip died down. Why, now, after all these years is Wanderious prepared to reawaken old nightmares and risk all for the sake of an ancient pledge?

Join us on this mysterious journey in the next issue of the Wizarding Gazette.

Stylus Writer

Stylus Writer

Stylus Writer was born in the Southern Kingdom into a prestigious wizarding family but the absence of planets in the sky at the time of his birth correctly predicted a life of relative obscurity. After graduating from the renowned Wavewond School of Wizarding, Stylus decided he was better off creating magic out of words than by poking a stick at something. His hobbies include an intense study of alchemy, which, sadly have been largely unsuccessful. You can learn more about his magical words at: www.styluswriter.com
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